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Promises Broken 4400 Pdf 11




. From: woofle To: shlomie Posted: February 05, 2018 09:47 AM 18.4.12: anti-d . From: shlomie To: woofle Posted: February 05, 2018 12:53 PM 18.4.12: anti-d 1. Pardongs. The father of the union. He's a lawyer. A former judge. 2. An associate of the father. As it turns out, he's a college professor. Hasn't done much. A real innocent. I mean, this guy has been brought in for questioning. 3. The father's lawyer. Somehow, has been allowed to sit in on the questioning. 4. The witnesses who know the victim well. The most important and reliable witnesses. As the last witness was being brought in, the senior detective turned to the four of us: I promise you, one day I'll explain how the so-called 4400 were created. And I promise you that one day you'll be able to understand why this is something that has to be done. 5. The father of the victim. What do I call this guy? Everything he's been through makes him look like a victim. He's been questioned for almost two days. This poor guy must have just wanted to get married. It's just so sad. And then, there was a knock on the door. That knock, well that's the one we've been waiting for. Welcome, Detectives. From: shlomie To: woofle Posted: February 05, 2018 01:02 PM “These types of things happen in every investigation,” explained he. “There are hundreds of people who feel they have been wronged. We have to check out everyone who has an angle,” he added. “We want to rule out the people who are the most likely suspects. We are willing to look into all possibilities. They already have an angle. Do they really think we haven’t thought of it? They suspect me. When the guard knocked on the door, I thought he was just going to show them out. I was wrong. He pushed the door open and didn’t close it behind him. I was so caught off guard I was almost surprised to see it




Promises Broken 4400 Pdf 11
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